We started Butter because we wanted to make clothes that made you feel like Phife Dog did in the song, “Butter”. Clothes to make you feel like the b-ball playing, fly rhyme saying, fly girl getting, but never ever sweating, got the crazy game smooth like Butter type of feeling. 

So we’ve churned up our own Butter, using different ingredients, a bit like how Tribe did with their Butter.  Instead of milk and cream, or Gary Bartz and Weather Report, we took the subcultures of New York, the ones that gave birth to hip-hop in the first place: DJing, MCing, breakdancing, grafing and beat making; mixed it with the London's diversity, authenticity & heritage and sprinkled it with the b-boy streetwear culture of Tokyo.

And voila.  Butter.  A new brand that offers original, high-quality streetwear born from hip-hop for people of all colours and creeds, whether you love hip-hop or just good clothes.